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Solutions for your boldest ideas

Our craftsmen work with all traditional as well as modern materials: wood, metals, glass, plaster, plastics, etc...

  1. Joiner's and furniture making
    • Prestigious interior furnishing in accordance with architectural/design plans of restaurants, offices and public spaces
    • manufacture of exclusive furniture pieces and atypical furniture to order
    • production of non-traditional decorative elements
  2. Construction of sets for feature and television films, exhibitions and interiors - complete service
    • rough construction/timberwork
    • joiner's work, prop and detail construction
    • special plaster work
    • sculptures and artifacts
    • paint work
    • locksmith work
  3. Model making
    • precise models for films, special effects shooting, exhibitions, etc...
    • fully-functional models for company/industrial presentations
  4. Special effects manufacture

In co-operation with Artechnic Ltd., we are able to complete sets incorporating audio-visual technology, scenic lighting, mechanical systems, computer controlled equipment and mechanical elements such as hydraulics, pneumatics etc...