Film Dekor - výroba filmových a televizních dekorací, výstav a interiérů

Film Dekor - výroba filmových a televizních dekorací, výstav a interiérů

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Producers and artists we have worked with:


  • Mathew Stillman, Praha
  • Gideon Amir, L.A.
  • David Minkovski, Praha
  • Howard Woffinden, L.A.
  • Jűrgen Hasse


  • Greg Gold, L.A.
  • Randy Roberts, L.A.
  • Nigel Dick, L.A.
  • Volker Schlőndorff, Berlín
  • Uli Edel, Berlín

Prod. Designers

  • Gordon Eric (ITEC), Orlando, Florida
  • James Acheson, London, L.A.
  • Roger Maus, L.A

Costume Designer and Artist

  • Theodor Pištěk, Praha


  • 54th Annual Emmy Nomination for the movie The Mists Of Avalon
    • Jaromir Svarc, Art Director
    • Barbora Bucharova, Set Decorator
    all decorations for this Movie done by Film Dekor Ltd.
  • Der Neunte Tag - The Winner of Der Deutsche Filmpreis 2005 Award for the best Production Design
    • Jaromír Švarc, Art Director


Change of company establishment
From 1st January 2014 we're established in new premises: Beranových 65, Prague 9, 199 02 - hall nr.17.
Shanghai, 30.10.2010:
The Czech National Pavilion, whose General supplyer was our Company, was awarded as the second best creativ exposition in the category
Shanghai, 15.10.2010:
The Czech National Pavilion received the Youth Award for the most creative contribution to international cultural exchange.
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Projects abroad

Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Italy, Slovakia, Tunis, Japan, UAE-Dubai, China

In the beginning of the year 2004 we were the first foreign film company to build sets in the Italian film studios „Cinecitta Studios“ in Rome.

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